Tent Rentals in Massachusetts, New Hampshire & Beyond

Our tents are available in a large variety of sizes and styles, and are suitable for events of any scale. We are please do provide meticulously maintained, state-of-the-art equipment. If you are unsure which style tent is right for your event feel free to contact our expert team for more information.

Century Pole Style Tents
The Century pole style tents are the most popular. They are identifiable by their classic high peak style created by center poles. Our...
Fiesta Frame Tents
Fiesta frame tents are freestanding clearspan tents. Because there are no center poles they can be used on any surface. Our fiesta frames...
Aurora Tents
Aurora tents are sailcloth pole style tents with rounded ends and translucent tops which create a soft, ambient glow. 
Marquee Tents
These can be used as connectors between tents or individually as freestanding deck coverings. Can be used to connect any style..
Anchorspan Structures
The Anchorspan structure is a clearspan structure and is intended for heavy duty use and can handle up to 70 mile and hour wind...
Navi-Trac Tents
The Navi-Trac Frame Tent System incorporates modular construction for faster installations, weathertight fit and maximum stability.
Tent Liners
Choose smooth or gathered tent liners. The smooth style creates an open, elegant interior as the fabric contours to the shape of the tent top. ...